AVRAM Ensemble

Murat Çakmaz — Ney

Murat Çakmaz comes from a Turkish family of musicians. At the age of 14 he came into contact with the instrument that still fascinates him: the Ney. He perfected his skills on the Ney with some of the best teachers in Turkey. Currently he only concentrates on projects that are primarily targeted at intercultural dialogue.

“The Ney plays an important role in Islam, it is, so to speak, the main instrument of religious Turkish music” he explains. In Turkey it is called “the extended breath of God” by the Sufis. He loves attending the Abraham concerts: “Various religions, personalities and instruments come together – the aim is to bring them in harmony which isn’t always easy. It is necessary to be a team player”.

Murat Cakmaz | murat.cakmaz(at)web.de



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